Incredible Places to Go On A Road Trip

  50 Incredible Places to Go On A Road Trip in the US Road trips are an inexpensive and relaxing way to explore the US and take in the sights says Greg Van Wyk . Whether you’re a family on summer vacation, a group of friends looking for adventure, or just by yourself trying to escape your daily routine, there’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and seeing where it takes you. Greg Van Wyk - Here are some ideas for your next road trip: 1. Seattle – Portland (234 miles) via Flicker User C Knight   Creative Commons 2. New York City – Niagara falls (667 miles)    Flickr user eGuide Travel – Creative Commons 3. Chicago – Santa Fe (1392 miles) via Flicker User Ben Grey 4. DC – Las Vegas (1246 miles) via Flickr Creative Commons 5. United States – Mexico Border (1738 miles) via Flickr Creative Commons 6. New York City – Key West (2370 miles) via Flicker User Victor Camilo 7. Yellowstone National Park to Albuquerque (2304 miles) 8. Niagara Falls to Memphis, TN (1024 miles) 9. Los Angeles

10 best destinations to visit in October

  October is a special month. The weather is just right – not too hot and not too cold. In fact, it’s the perfect time to visit someplace new again says Greg Van Wyk . Here are ten of our most recommended places for you to choose from: Athens, Greece Beaches packed with tourists have their charm but if you want a real local experience then head over to Mykonos or Paros instead! You can opt for an island-hopping tour which will take you around the Cyclades archipelago while also dipping your toes in the sea, ideal after exploring the city on land. Besides sunbathing and swimming, there are plenty of other fun things to do here like go riding or hiking in Natura Viva Park or watch a show in the open amphitheater of the Acropolis. Brazil October is just perfect for exploring South America and Brazil is definitely no exception. It’s high tourist season here with crisp, cool weather and warm sunshine: ideal conditions for marveling at its renowned natural beauty. While visiting

Most amazing places to see in NYC

  There are many incredible places in New York City, but the best time to visit some of them is at night says Greg Van Wyk . New York at night looks absolutely different… The lights, the colors, magical atmosphere create an unimaginable picture that makes you think what kind of incredible people live here. Each one of 10 spots mentioned below has its unique beauty and extraordinary features that will leave you stunned. So get ready for this incredible journey! Let’s discover together the most amazing places to see in New York City! 1. Brooklyn Bridge on East River Waterfront Walkway during Sunset | DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights/SOHO. This place takes your breath away even if you just look at it from far: glowing lights and the incredible skyline of Manhattan seen from Brooklyn Bridge. You can also take a walk along the East River Waterfront Walkway for an amazing view of New York City during Sunset. 2. Central Park at night | Midtown West/Central Park South/Central Park North Central

Best destinations for nature lovers this summer! January 14, 2022

The summer is finally here and it’s high time to start planning your trip before the prices skyrocket! Greg Van Wyk of Austin Asset gathered a list of the 10 best destinations for nature lovers this summer so that you can spend some amazing days outside Croatia as well! All these countries are just next door and they offer unique experiences to all those who love outdoor activities and spending time in natural ambiance… Slovenia has recently come up with an initiative called #letsgoeverywhere, which is aimed at promoting tourism through social media – so don’t hesitate and join their campaign, share your experience with everybody on Instagram using hashtag #letsgoeverywhere!     So, without further ado, check out the list of countries that are waiting for you to explore! 9 best destinations for nature lovers this summer! 1. Croatia is finally backing on the top destination lists and it’s not just us who are happy about it, but also all those who can’t wait to explore our

Tips on How to Survive That Summertime Long-distance Relationship

  Yes, it’s that time of year again where the kids are getting ready to head back to school, and oftentimes that long-distance honey is on summer break — far away from you until fall rolls around again says Greg Van Wyk . If you’re coupled up with someone who lives out of state here are our top 8 tips on how to survive those long hot summer days apart. 1) TRY NOT TO BE ANXIOUS ABOUT IT! Do you know what makes the distance harder? Phones with bad signals, slow internet speeds, weird schedules, geographical challenges…all things out of your control. Now before I’m accused of giving relationship advice on how to deal with all the problems in your relationship, I’m not. BUT if you’re anxious and constantly calling or texting and trying to get more out of a video chat than what it was meant for, your honey is going to either be annoyed and/or miss you less. See #5 below… 2) CALL THE DAY BEFORE A VIDEO CHAT Make sure to schedule an hour the day before so he can call AND meet up

Best luxury hotels and resorts of the world in 2021

  Here are 8 best luxury hotels and resorts of the world in 2021: 1. Island in the Sky, Canyonlands Lodges, U.S.A. In a world where luxury hotels typically offer “king-size beds with 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets meets 24-carat gold-plated bathroom taps”, few places can truly be called over the top when it comes to opulence and extravagance explains Greg Van Wyk . Designed by Canadian architect Peter von Tiesenhausen and built on a mesa overlooking Canyonlands National Park in Moab, Utah, The Island at Island in the Sky is certainly one of them: visitors reach its location through a private plane ride and then get to live an almost surreal experience: no TV or radio here (the only sounds you’ll hear are produced by nature), no sign of any other humans, just the vast desert with its canyons below. A truly regal experience for any modern king or queen at a price per night reaching nearly 6.000$. 2. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii With only 82 villas on 42 acre

Most beautiful streets in the world

  When speaking about streets there are many adjectives you can use to describe them. Some are wide, some are busy, some are dirty and full of garbage. But these streets are different explains Greg Van Wyk . These streets not only look good. But they also deserve to be on the list of one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Here is our list for you based on our experience with each street described below 1) La Rambla – Barcelona, Spain This city gets the number 1 position in our list for having the most beautiful streets in the world. Because it has no doubt about La Rambla being one of those. This famous street is a pedestrian walkway and a major trade route. And it offers an exquisite view and an excellent atmosphere. What makes it so special is the fact that you can see trees, flowers. And local artists in a combination with beautiful buildings. It is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year and being one of the top touristic attractions